Root certificates

NCA (RSA_OLD) pki_rsa
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RCA (GOST) root_gost
NCA (RSA) nca_rsa
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certificate revocation list


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Procedure for obtainment of registration certificate for an individual



Obtaining registration certificates of the NCA of the Republic of Kazakhstan with subsequent submission of documents to the Registration Center (CSC)


For registration certificates, you need to install the software and apply in a mode on-line. On the external device or file system will be generated your private key signature. Gather the necessary documents and contact the Registration Center (CSC) to confirm submitted. Then, set the registration certificates for the assigned application number.


1. Before submitting the application, read the user's manual



Guidelines for an Individual How to Obtain the Registration Certificates of the NCA RK





User's Manual for NCALayer Software Installation




2. Install the software


For a successful application in a mode on-line, you need to download and install the software:


NCALayer for Windows 

NCALayer for Linux     

NCALayer for MacOSX

download download download



 3. The list of documents to support the application to issue registration certificates to individual Registration Center (CSC):


  • Statement (standard pattern) formed after the filing of the application with the application number and the signature of the applicant.
  • Identity documents;
  • Power of attorney for the representative uslugopoluchatelya (natural person), certified by a notary, with an indication of the authority to submit documents for the issuance of registration certificates of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to sign the relevant documents for the execution of the order, a certain power of attorney - at representing the interests of a third party uslugopoluchatelya

In the case of documents within 1 month of the application will be canceled.






Pilot project
"Obtaining registration certificates of the National certification center of the Republic of Kazakhstan for remote identification»


In order to avoid the circulation of paper media as potential sources of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, it is possible to obtain the state service "Issuance and revocation of the registration certificate of the National certification center of the Republic of Kazakhstan", for individuals by remote identification, without visiting the NAO of the government for citizens group (PSC).
To apply, you must be present in person in front of a computer with a video identification camera and an ID card.


Instructions for applying without visiting the PSC download 



Apply without visiting the PSC

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