Planned changes of the NCA of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022

1. As part of the optimization of processes and simplification of the procedure for obtaining, storing and using EDS keys, it is planned to switch from the current process of issuing and using two EDS keys to using only one key, i.e. individuals and legal entities will be issued one registration certificate / key for signing on the GOST algorithm, which will be used for both authorization and signature.

2. To date, the generation of public and private keys of the NCA RK is carried out using RSA and GOST algorithms in accordance with the interstate cryptographic standard GOST R 34.310-2004. At the same time, information technologies and methods of cryptographic analysis are continuously developing, and therefore, the NCA of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to implement the transition to the new cryptographic standard ST RK GOST R 34.10-2015.

3. It is planned to exclude the following types from the list of available ones: “Employee with the right to sign financial documents” and “Employee of the personnel department”.

Optimization of the above-mentioned business processes and updating of the information system of the NTC of the Republic of Kazakhstan are planned for the end of the 2nd quarter of 2022.

To inform about the update, a forum section has been created ( ), where the dates and details of the above updates will be reported, as well as information for information system developers will be provided.

We also inform you that the key information carriers KazToken and eToken 5110, released since 2017, support the ST RK GOST R 34.10-2015. Additional information should be requested from the manufacturers of the specified media.