Concepts and Abbreviations

NCA of the RoK National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan servicing the parties to e-Government, public and private information systems.
Digital signature КDigital signature refers to a set of digital symbols generated by digital signature facilities and validating an e-document, the owner thereof, and the integrity of its content.
IIN Individual Identification Number generated for an individual, including an individual entrepreneur who does his/her private business.
BIN Business Identification Number generated for a legal entity/branch/representative office and for an individual entrepreneur who does business in the form of joint entrepreneurship.
Certificate A paper-based document or an e-document issued by NCA of the RoK to validate the digital signature’s compliance with requirements determined by laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Private key A sequence of digital symbols known to NSA subscriber and designed for generating the digital signature using the digital signature facilities.
Secure media A device for secure storage of information, with data cyphering performed directly in recording information into the storage using a special-purpose controller. To access information, user must enter his/her personal password.
OS Operating System is a set of interrelated software intended to manage the PC resources and to arrange interaction with user.

System requirements

Minimal requirements for user’s PC:

Browser: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 4+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome 4+, Safari 5+;

NCALayer (latest version);

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10, Linux, OS X 10.