Applying for issuance of registration certificates

Run browser and enter the following URL: Homepage of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan will appear.


Click “Obtainment of digital signature keys” and select the section: “Legal Entities”. From the drop-down menu select “User of Treasury-Client IS” section.

In the window that appears familiarize with information and click «Submit application» button.


Familiarize with user agreement, tick the box and click “Confirm” button.


In the window opened, indicate BIN and code from the picture and afterwards click “Check BIN” button.


After BIN has successfully been checked by Legal Entities` National Database, organization name will appear in “Organization name” field.

Afterwards, indicate IIN and click “Check IIN” button.


After IIN is checked by Individuals` National Database, your full name will be filled in automatically.

Then, you need to indicate your e-mail in “E-mail” field (the field is optional). You will receive information on the status of registration certificates, and also when you apply, application number and application form to be submitted to the Registration Authority will be sent to your e-mail.

NB! Be careful when filling in “E-mail” section, if you make a mistake you won`t receive notification of successful registration.

Then, indicate “Role” by clicking search icon.


Below, in sequential order, indicate region and city where the application will be verified.


In “ГУ/СКС code” field, indicate the registered ГУ/СКС code.

Afterwards, select the “Keys Storage” type from the list: PC, eToken PRO 72K, JaCarta, Kaztoken, AKey.

Then, select the path to keys storage. In case if secure media is used, connect it to PC and the program will automatically find the connected media.


In case if “PC” was chosen as storage place, in “Path to Keys Storage” field indicate folder in which key containers (private keys) will be created and click “Open” button.

NB! “Personal computer” repository is not secure. We highly recommend using secure media to reduce the risk of digital signature keys discreditation.



Then press “Apply” button.


The request number will appear in the next window.

NB! Remember your request number; it is needed for identification of your application in Registration Authority, and also for installation of issued registration certificates.

Save and print application in any convenient format.


After you apply, private keys will be generated on your personal computer and you can check them by opening a folder that you indicate in your application.


After the application is sent, you will obtain a written notification on your e-mail (if it was indicated during registration) confirming that a request to obtain registration certificates was made via NCA of the RoK website and it will have your request number. It should be mentioned that NCA of the RoK does not bear responsibility for delivering an information letter. If there is no letter, check “Spam” folder; verify the correctness of the e-mail address or that your postal server is reliable.

NB! When you applied, you need to visit Registration Authority with the required package of documents within 1 month from the moment you applied. In case if you do not verify your application in Registration Authority within the indicated period, your application will be canceled. The required package of documents can be found on the official website.

Checking the application status and installing registration certificates

After the application is verified in Registration Authority, use the capability to check the status of your application.

To do this, go to “Checking request status” section.


In the window that appears in “Request Number” field indicate the obtained unique number and click “Search” button.


You will see information on your request indicating the current application status and data on registration certificates if they were successfully issued.

“Application status” field will indicate the processing stage of your application.

In case if registration certificates were successfully issued the status will be as follows “Registration Certificates are Issued”.


To install registration certificates, indicate the folder where private keys were saved by clicking “Search” button. Indicate the storage location of your private keys that were generated after application was sent. Click “Open” button.

NB! In case if keys were generated on one of the following secure media: national ID, eToken PRO 72K, JaCarta, Kaztoken, AKey, you will need to connect the media to computer when installing registration certificates.


In case if PC is used as repository for keys, window will appear with a password field. Create password and fill it in for you digital signature keys and click “Upload certificates” button.


NB! Password must contain Latin characters and digits. The password length should be 6 to 32 characters. In addition, password may include: Latin upper-case letters and wildcard characters “#$^+=!*()@%&_?-.”.

You must remember the password you indicated! The password shall NOT be recovered! NCA shall not keep your password, and if you lose your password, these digital signature keys must be revoked.

After registration certificates are installed, the window appears indicating the request status “Certificates installed”.


Open the folder indicated in application. Upon successful undergoing of all stages of registration certificates obtainment, two registration certificates with ready-to-use private keys will be located in the folder.


Obtainment of registration certificates has been successfully completed.

Should any problems occur in your receiving the certificate, please do not hesitate to call technical support 1414, or write an email to: