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National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan is interested in provision of information systems developer`s kits (both national and private) for further usage of registration certificates of the NCA of the RoK. 

To start using NCA of the RoK registration certificates in information systems, an IS user or his/her representative should obtain an information systems developer`s kit of the NCA of the RoK containing libraries and test registration certificates. You need to do the following:

1. Send draft letter and handover and acceptnace certificate to to check the correctness thereof.

2. Submit an official request to National Information Technologies JSC. Enclose signed handover and acceptance certificate in two original copies to the request.

NCA of the RoK is only responsible for the provision of systems developer`s kit of the NCA of the RoK; delivery of consultations related to   officials versions of NCA of the RoK encryption provider provided in a developer`s kit and a document describing rules for digital signature and registration certificates of NCA of the RoK verification.    

Information system owner is responsible for verification of signature.

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