Cloud storage of digital signature keys

Cloud digital signature is a legally valid digital signature implemented with the help of technology, which transfers all the computing operations with application of digital signature (hereinafter: DS) to an external service (“cloud”), while a user just needs to undergo verification via biometrics, i.e. photo and video used in conjunction with cloud digital signature services to perform transactions in a convenient way irrespective of platform (computer with browser, mobile device or other platform).

Thanks to a new technology, users became more mobile and do not have to perform activities related to generation of keys, update of certificates, installation of digital signature on computer and mobile device. Certificate revocation procedures were facilitated and the risk of digital signature keys leakage from data storage media (file system) was decreased.

Cloud digital signature enables storing private keys in a cloud and signing e-documents. It is planned, that signing of documents will be performed via biometrics. The project is planned to be launched in 2021.