Obtainment of digital signature keys via eGov Mobile app

An updated eGovMobile app has a capability to issue digital signature keys directly from the app.

Procedures related to fill in of application for obtainment of NCA of the RoK registration certificates and binding of digital signature keys to mobile app were facilitated.

Also, eGovMobile app enables binding the existing digital signature keys to 4-digit PIN-code and inbuilt biometrics (FaceID, TouchID). By binding digital signature keys to PIN code or biometrics once, you might not be distracted every time by the selection of digital signature keys and password insertion when signing in and obtaining services in the mobile app.

Later on, eGovMobile app will have capabilities for re-issuance and revocation of digital signature keys.

The eGovMobile app is available for download from App Store and Google play.