SSL certificate

Procedure for obtainment of SSL certificate for an individual

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The list of documents to be submitted to “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation (CSC) for obtainment of SSL certificate by an individual:

  • application generated after submission of a request containing a unique number and an applicant`s signature;
  • an identity document of service recipient or his/her representative;
  • notarized power of attorney for a service recipient`s representative with indication of authorities to submit documents for issuance of registration certificates of NCA of RK and sign relevant documents for execution of orders, if interests of an individual indicated in an application are represented for obtainment of registration certificates of NCA of RK.
  • one of the documents certifying the right to own a website`s domain name in paper:
    • domain name ownership certificate issued by Kazakhstani Network Information Center;
    • extract from the service for obtainment of registration data on owners of domain names.
Procedure for obtainment of SSL certificate for a legal entity

After submitting the application and its confirmation by the first head of the legal entity, the service provider checks the application for:

  • ownership of the domain name to the service recipient;
  • correctness of filling in the domain name;
  • the legal address of the service recipient;
  • the validity period of the domain name ownership;
  • domain name registration in the zones .KZ and .KAZ.

Upon successful verification of the application, the service provider confirms the application for the provision of Public Services. In case of non-compliance of the application with the requirements, the service provider refuses to provide the public service to the service recipient.