NCALayer software enables using digital signature capabilities provided by NCA of the RoK in web applications. The NCALayer capabilities can be extended through installation of additional modules provided by third-party developers.

Concepts and Abbreviations

NCA of the RoK National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan servicing the parties to e-Government,public and private information systems.
RCA of the RoK Root Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan certifying digital signature public keys affiliation and validity.
Digital signature Digital signature refers to a set of digital symbols generated by digital signature facilities and validating an e-document, the owner thereof, and the integrity of its content.
Registration certificate (certificate) A paper-based document or an e-document issued by NCA of the RoK to validate the digital signature’s compliance with requirements determined by laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Secure media A device for secure storage of information, with data cyphering performed directly in recording information into the storage using a special-purpose controller. To access information, user must enter his/her personal password.
OS Operating System is a set of interrelated software intended to manage the PC resources and to arrange interaction with user.
PC Personal computer.
Web application Client/server application in which a client interacts with server via browser while web server runs the server.

System requirements

System requirements are based on runtime environment for Java 8. More detailed description is provided by the following links:

There is no need to install Java for Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS X as runtime environment is provided with NCALayer.


  • Windows 7 and above
  • Disk space: no less than 200 MB

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.11 and above
  • Disk space: no less than 200 MB


  • Any versions of the GNU Linux OS with the Gnome graphical environment version 3 and above
  • Disk space: no less than 200 MB


  • • All popular browsers supporting WebSocket protocol: Firefox, Safari, IE 11, browsers based on Chromium (Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi etc.)