NCA encryption provider support the following secured media for NCALayer:

National ID KZ ID-card) Kaztoken eToken Java JaCarta AKey

To work with secured media in Windows and Mac OS X you do not need to install anything.


In the OS you need to install the following packages: pcscd, libpcsclite1, libccid (or pcsc-ccid depending on the distribution).

If the system cannot find Kaztoken, you need to insert the determining values into the file

or depending on the distribution

You need to edit the file in the following manner:

  • find entry <key>ifdVendorID</key> and add value <string>0x0A89</string>
  • find entry <key>ifdProductID</key> and add value <string>0x0035</string>
  • find entry <key>ifdFriendlyName</key> and add value <string>DigiFlow LLP. KAZTOKEN</string>

After making amendments, you need to re-start pcscd service as well as NCALayer, if it was launched.

Mac OS X и Kaztoken

On the official Kaztoken website download package for Mac OS X on download page.