Download NCALayer for Linux from NCA of the RoK website. NCALayer can be installed and launched both in graphic and text mode. Installation and launch should be made with the same privileges.

Upon successful installation completion, browser will open automatically containing brief information on digital signature, and also steps for root certificates installation. If desktop environment allows, NCALayer will create shortcuts in menu. Also, the following notification in system tray will notify on the successful launch of NCALayer.

NCALayer notification

Graphic mode

Run Certify installation.

Setup on Linux

Indicate installation parameters.

Setup options on Linux

Select folder for installation.

Choose folder on Linux

If all actions were successful, a window with the relevant information will appear.

Successful setup on Linux

Text mode

Run the application with the following parameter:

./ --nogui

and follow the instructions.

Text setup on Linux

NB! If you selected automatic startup of NCALayer at the installer, an application will be launched in the same terminal window. Closing the terminal, you will close NCALayer application.

Application launch without installation

Launch without installation is also possible. To do this, run the application with the following parameter:

./ --run

Peculiarities of Linux desktop environment

Some environments, for instance Gnome, might not display NCALayer icon in system tray after launch or might display an icon without capability to open a context menu. The issue is in the process of being addressed.

In this case, to work with modules, familiarize with "Modules" section.