Modularity in NCALayer allows performing partial updates without the necessity of complete reinstallation, if you have the Internet access. Also, additional modules of third-party developers enable using web applications other than NCA.

NB! Do not ignore updates for modules. They can contain amendments that are critical for correct operation of NCALayer as well as web applications.

Module management

You can open "Module Management" by selecting the relevant field in the NCALayer context menu.

Bundle Manager

Next, you can select a module (not grayed out) in the list, and perform actions to install or remove it.

Manual installation\update of modules

If a user works in an isolated network (without the Internet) or cannot open “Module Management”, it is possible to perform manual installation of module. To do this, go to NCALayer home folder. Then module file (jar) is to be copied to bundles folder and NCALayer is to be re-run.

Module file or link to it is provided by a module`s supplier. Also, information on the module should be available in ncalayer.der system file.

Name of the module Module version Direct download link
ezSigner Version 1.0 download
Module EFIS.KZ Version 1.6.1 download
Module Goszakup RK Version 4.3.1 download
Module KNP Version 1.1 download
Module "е-minfin" RК Version 1.0 download
IS "Treasury-Client" Version 1.1.4 download
Module OSFD (QIWI) Version 1.3 download
Module ИСЭЗ ( Version 1.0 download
Module IS ESF Version 1.1 download
Module EUP Version 1.0 download
IS "SmartDocs" Version 1.2 download Version 1.4 download
Everflow Signer Version 1.11.3 download
Module Smartcontract Version 1.2 download
OMARKET Version 1.0.7 download
Ak Kamal TinySign Version 2.1.58 download
Qoltanba Version 1.1 download
SimBASE Version 2.1 download
eFactoring Version 1.2 download
Documentolog Version 0.2 download

Update of modules

Each time NCALayer is launched, it checks for updates in the Internet and if there are any updates, it requests for permission to install them.