Incorrect operation of the OCSP service of the NCA

For technical reasons, in the period from 16:21 19:34 hours till 03 Dec 2020 was a timeout response of the OCSP responder from NCA.

A fine is to be imposed on Kazakhstani citizens for illegal transfer of digital signature to third parties

A fine in the amount of KZT 400 thousand is to be imposed on Kazakhstani citizens for illegal transfer of digital signature to third parties. This was announced by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry, reports with reference to

According to the Ministry, there has been an increase in complaints from citizens on illegal transfer of digital signature to third parties. In 2020, about 30 facts of such transfer have been detected. Previous year, over 50 administrative cases were registered.  

It is worth remembering that digital signature equals a handwritten one and entails similar legal liabilities. To protect oneself and no become a victim of fraud, the Ministry recommends not to transfer a digital signature to third parties and in case of its loss, re-issue it as soon as possible, and also change a standard password to a more complex one.

Technical work

Due to scheduled technical work, the waiting time for the response of the NCA  services may be exceeded during the period from 21:00 to 23:55 on September 26, 2020.

NCALayer connection error

Currently, uBlock Origin extension blocks websites when detecting scan of open ports on the (localhost) address. At the same time, the abovementioned port is used by some government and non-government information systems to operate NCALayer application.

In case of NCALayer connection error, make sure that uBlock Origin browser extension is disabled and that a website which you try to access is added into exclusions in the settings of uBlock Origin extension. 

To disable uBlock Origin for popular websites (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla) you need to open a homepage of the required website (for instance,,, and perform the following actions:

1) in the upper right corner click disabler icon (U).

2) click turn off icon.

Also, you can familiarize with guidance on how to turn off uBlock Origin disabler using the example of Yandex service available by the following link:

Obtaining registration certificates for the information system

National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan launches issuance of registration certificates for information systems. Now, information systems for interaction with other information systems can use registration certificates in accordance with “Information system of an individual” and “Information system of a legal entity” templates. Registration certificates will contain an information system name and data about an information system owner.   

Submission of applications for obtainment of registration certificate for information system is carried out via personal account of an individual or Chairman of legal entity.  

First, register your information system by obtaining an object identifier (OID) pursuant to the Rules for registration, re-registration and annulment of object identifiers in the Kazakhstani segment of object identifiers No. 281 as of March 17, 2016 ( In case if your information system has already been registered in the Kazakhstani segment of object identifiers, make sure that information about a legal entity/individual-owner of information system as well as information system name are relevant.   

After OID assignment, your information system will be available for application submission for issuance of registration certificate via personal account.